Why A Roofing Company In Surrey Ventilate Your Attic Properly?

Proper ventilation of your attic is a must if you are willing to have one capable of attracting moisture or prevent heat from building up in your attic space. Letting your roofing company use quality material and following installation practices will help you save a considerable amount of money and prevent your roof from getting damaged due to water all over the year.

Roofing Company Surrey

Proper ventilation not only enhances the lifespan of your roofs but also helps in controlling your indoor temperature and lowers your energy bills. So, if you are planning to replace or repair your attic, ask a qualified roofer to assess your current ventilation system. A majority of the roofing companies being certified takes utmost care to ventilate your attic so as to keep away the common issues arising out of a poorly ventilated structure.

5 Reasons Why Even The Best Roofing Company In Surrey Properly Ventilate Your Attic

    • Moisture Buildup

There are various reasons why the moisture level in our room accelerates. Cooking or taking a shower is generally treated to be the main reasons generating moisture within your house. If the attic is poorly ventilated it collects the moisture before clinging to the bottom of your roof and penetrating inside the attic insulation. This reduces the efficiency of your insulation and lets mildew grow on it.

    • Ice Dams

The biggest issue residents of Surrey have to face due to a poorly ventilated attic is the development of ice dams. As the ice on your roof melts, it runs down and freezes again forming an ice dam. With more snow melting and following the same path, water starts accumulating under those shingles and damages your roof. If the issue is severe, even your insulation, walls, and ceilings can get badly affected.

    • Overheating

A poorly ventilated roof can get overheated during the summer if a lot of heat waves accumulate in the attic and can’t find an outlet. Overheating can make your roof and shingles prematurely aged, damage or wrap the wood framing, or destroy the sliding, wallpaper, and paint. The cost of replacing those can actually burn a hole in your pocket.

    • Shingle Warranties

Since the damages caused by a poorly ventilated attic are huge, every roofing company in Surrey follows the building codes which specify the ventilation standards basing on the best practices. They try to maintain the recommended one square foot of attic ventilation for every three hundred square foot of attic space.

Few Of The Benefits Offered By A Properly Ventilated Attic

  • Natural and healthy air can flow in and out of your residence.
  • The efficiency of your heating appliance and air conditioners enhances.
  • Prevent formation of mildew or molds that cause the wood to rot.
  • Prevents premature ageing or cracking of wood.
  • Prevent condensation that can ruin your personal belongings.
  • Prevent costly replacement of warped sliding.
  • Let cool and dry air efficiently flow through your attic.

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