Planning For Roofing In Horsham? Know the 7 Vital Warning Signs!

Are you confused if you need to have a new roof or a repair for your house in Horsham? Relax and check the signs in your roof instead. Hold on. You must be aware of the signs by now, isn’t it? Those vital warning signs which indicate the status of your roof?
roofing company Horsham
Considering the fact that having a proper roof is one of your chief concerns, it is essential that you know about the various roofing problems. It is these signs which will help you in determining whether you need a repair or a new roof. Keep reading to check out the indicators which tell you about the need to have immediate roofing.

7 warning signs for having new roofing in Horsham

1.    Age of your roof

What’s the age of your present roof? It’s true that the average life of a shingle roof lasts for 20 years. However, if it has already crossed 15 years, you need to have a watchful eye on it. Moreover there are various other factors which you need to consider here-
  • If you have only one layer of shingles
  • Whether it was removed ever
  • If it has proper ventilation

2.    Missing shingle tabs

Check if all your shingles on the roof are intact. In case you see that any shingle tab is missing, it’s time that you opt for new roofing!

3.    Curling of shingles

If you notice that your shingles have started getting curled or buckled, consider it as a warning sign. In such cases, you need to get in touch with a reliable roofing company in Horsham immediately. The professionals will check if your shingles have indeed crossed their life. Further, they will see if there is a possibility of the roof being defective. The roofers will then suggest necessary roofing action based on their observation.

4.    Roof valleys

A glance at your valleys can help you determine the condition too. In case you see that shingles are separated and falling apart, it’s time to have a new roof! Remember that any compromise with your valleys can lead to roof leaks.

5.    If your gutters are loaded with shingle granules

Did you see that your gutters are loaded with shingle granules? Experts believe that roofs tend to lose their granules once they start approaching the end of their life cycle. Even if you notice that the roof has discoloured in some parts, consider it to be a signal of the poor condition of your granules. Ask a professional roofer of roofing in Horsham to check your roof at once!

6.    Chimney flashing

Do you have chimney flashing which consists of tar or roof cement? Ensure if it is in good condition or not. In case it is in a poor state, opt for a replacement with that of a metal flashing. This will assure you of a prolonged usage!

7.    Roof boards revealing daylight

Once you see that your roof boards have started revealing daylight, avail for new roofing. Other than the daylight, you need to check if moisture has weakened your roof boards. Take this as an indicator and avail the expert advice of roofers as early as possible.
Now that you are well-aware of the warning signs, what are you still waiting for? Rush to your roof and check if it indicates any of the above. Time to avail the help of roofers!

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