How Roofing Companies Should Maintain Their Work procedure In Cranleigh?

Reports say that each year hundreds of people died in harness and more than 50% are roofers who died due to bad protection and bad working procedure of the company.

Being a customer it is your right of seeking the best services though its also your duty to hire a company that is able to protect their workers. On the other hand, Roofing law states that the company is responsible if any accident happens during working hour and also clears that it’s not customer’s concerned. So, make sure that your company includes workers safety in their work procedure.

Roofing Cranleigh


Let’s see the basic safety points that every roofing company should maintain.

A Ladder that reaches your roof:

Perhaps you are smiling to see this point. But believe me, its one of the main tool of roofing. Most Companies do not consider this as the vital part. But if the ladder is not strong and long enough to bear the workers or to reach your roof all goes in vain.

Scaffolding with full coverage:

Imagine that your hired company of roofing uses scaffolding that fail to give full coverage of your roof while erecting or an extra large scaffold that creates hazards in the work. Both are going into the wrong way. It should be appropriate in size.

Worker’s Security:

It’s the most important part, I suppose. A company leads by good and skilled workers. And companies are liable for their workers and its their responsibility to give them protection. Only hiring a skilled roofer is not enough they have to give full protection while they are working. Doesn’t worry, studies on roofing in Cranleigh say that most responsible and reputed company of roofing include this point as a process or working.

Why Worker’s security is so important?

After thorough research on the working procedure and its betterment, the best of roofing companies in Cranleigh are able to find out some reason why people fall during their work time.

People fall because-

…they are in Hurry

Workers are in hurry. And the reason behind their hurry is not having sufficient protection. Most workers say that they want to finish the work as fast as they can because they are not provided with proper protection by the companies.

…they are uncomfortable

Sometimes they have to work in cold and they become numb sometimes. That is the main reason of falling in winter. Most companies fail to give proper winter protection to their workers.

… they have a false sense of security

Reports say that often fall protection is not used as the workers are afraid of falling. But companies who are responsible for their work and workers provide you and the worker this facility.

Points to choose a good roofer in a glance:

  • They have to bring proper equipment and they should be apt for you work.
  • They have to be certified by a reliable agency and make sure that they are doing their job following the roofing laws.
  • They must have some good reputation in the market. It’s your duty to gather ample knowledge about your roofer.
  • The workers must have sufficient knowledge and proper training.
  • Make sure the company work on the part of worker safety.

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