7 Latest Designs To Enhance The Beauty of Your Roofs In Godalming

Since a roof has so much to offer, building it is not only about the material used. A cool and beautifully designed roof not only makes it architecturally more interesting but also enhances the appealing factor. No wonder, the demand of uniquely designed roofs has increased for people residing in Godalming and nearby areas. Whether you are renovating your old house or building a new one, paying attention to the design of your roof is a must.

Roofing Godalming

7 Roofing Designs Expected To Rule The Next Few Years

    • Mansard Roof

They are made up of four slopes with two slopes on each side of the house. Generally, the upper slope is less steep than the lower slope. The latter is also more vertical as compared to the former one. The upper slope can’t be always seen from the ground. It is also known as the French style of roof and offers you some additional storage or living space.

    • Saltbox Roof

The main reason behind the popularity of this roof is that it looks fascinating from the exteriors. The long pitched structure is asymmetrical in nature. One side is shorter than the other one. The design is mostly suitable for houses which are single storey on one side and two-storey on the opposite.

    • Pyramid Roof

As the term suggests, this variety of roof is designed in the shape of a pyramid. An extravagant house can have two such structures on different portions of the building. Generally, the pyramid roof is used on small portions or over small structures like a pool house.

    • Bonnet Roof

Though this design is quite similar to the pyramid or hip roof, the difference lies in the manner bricks are laid. Both the sides of the roof slopes out at an angle and generally used to cover an outdoor porch area or a veranda.

    • Cross-Gabled Roof

This variety is quite popular with companies offering roofing in Godalming. There are two varieties of cross gabled roof for residents to choose from. The unique nature of the gabled roof is that it looks like triangles from the exterior. Generally, these roofs are used in buildings having extra wings as it offers each portion of the residence a triangular roof of its own.

    • Flat Roof

They are easy to identify and easier to construct. It is accessible and offers much safety. One can stand above it or walk around if the situation demands. Though, not all prefer this variety as debris easily collect over them and one has to devote much time to maintain it.

    • Hip Roof

Often people confuse the hip roof with the pyramid one. The only difference distinguishing them is that the hip roof does not meet at a point from the four sides. The four slopes meet at a flat spot or a ridge. This variety is treated to be more practical architecturally.

Now that you are aware of the latest trends, it’s time to choose the ideal design and enhance the beauty quotient of your building.


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